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Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co aims in providing shoring, grading, excavation and drilling services. We are trained and have years of experience to handle your concrete construction requirements. Drilling, hillside drilling, caissons, shoring, soldier piles, and excavation and grading services are few of the services we specialise in. We are licensed, bonded and insured contractors who have years of experience in managing drilling projects in difficult and steep areas as well as large commercial spaces. We understand and value our customers budget and time frame hence our work is always accurate on timeline and cost effective. We believe in delivering the best results and leaving our customers satisfied.

Caisson Drilling & Installation Los Angeles

Every house needs a strong, sturdy foundation to stand on. We at Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co focus on providing a well laid foundation for new homes while also repairing the old worn out foundations which either are on top of the soil or are embedded in the soil. While houses may require smaller foundations to sit the home on, caisson drilling is required to handle bigger projects like building of a dam, where the foundations need to have a stronger support and structure. Caisson are also referred to as drilled piers or boreholes in general which are drilled deep into the ground and filled with concrete and other material. A caisson foundation can be floated to the desired place by excavating the area to a desired depth either on land or in water in order to provide a stronger and flat foundation for upward construction. This may not be still safe and would lead to cracks in the foundation thus with the help of caisson drilling holes and shafts can be created and filled with concrete to establish more stable and firm foundations and structures.

Caisson drilling is flexible and is perfect for any kind of worksite like high buildings or large construction. It can be easily adapted to provide firmness and stability to the structure. While one may think that a traditional foundation is better than the caisson drilling however it is just the contrary. Caisson drilling helps in distributing the weight across the grid equally and therefore is more sturdy than the traditional foundation. Caisson drilling is more cost effective than laying down huge slabs of foundation. Though it is economical, yet it requires an extreme set of skills and expertise to work on caisson drilling and we are just the perfect people for this job.

Pile Drilling Contractor Los Angeles

While living near a hillside may sound interesting and exciting, it takes a lot of planning and proper construction to ensure a secure and sturdy foundation. We provide you with the best solution for your foundation needs. Pile drilling and installation is done on areas which have unstable soil and it requires more depth to the foundation. To provide a perfect structure to the foundation piles are installed which are filled with concrete and have steel rods running through them in order to provide more stability to the construction of the project.

Piles being used in the foundation of residential and commercial construction is a common sight in Los Angeles. With the years of knowledge and experience in installing piles and caisson we at Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co are proud of the quality work that we provide to our clients. Our team of professionals are capable and trained to do their jobs to perfection and provide you with the highest standard of work which is durable, secure and will last for years to come.

We at Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co. are also offering Services – Excavation/Grading, Retaining Walls, Shoring, Framing & Foundation Repair in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas.

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