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Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co is a dedicated place for all your requirements of concrete and framework. We take pride in the quality of work we provide through our well trained and qualified team. As a pre-construction concrete contractor, we work towards handling the project from the beginning till its finished. This enables us to design and implement our plans for the project meeting our clients desires. We provide our clients with continuous interaction with our consultants in order to keep them in loop of how things are progressing in the construction of their home or offices.

Pre-Construction Services
Concrete Contractor


All construction projects are different from one another. They differ in size, scope and hence the completion also differs at the end. At Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co, we aim at creating a deeper understanding of the project in order to procure safer and stronger concrete solutions. As trusted vendors and construction personnels, we keep a closer look at the project throughout the build. This phase is considered to be the backbone of the construction and therefore it is done with perfection. As trained professionals we make sure that every individual is aware of their duties and responsibilities and...

Construction Services
Concrete Contractor


The pre construction phase is what lays down the foundation for the post construction phase. While in pre construction an idea is conceived and planning is done keeping in mind the guidelines set. During the post construction, the contractors look at the cleaning of the site , final Construction inspections and move-in coordination. We have a complete checklist post construction which comes in handy once the work is done. A quick review helps in identifying the work done and in what capacity. After completion, we have a final walk through to ensure your complete satisfaction on all Foundation, Shoring, Concrete,...

Post-Construction Services

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