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Retaining Walls In Los Angeles

There are many varieties and types of retaining walls. They range from the decorative garden walls to engineered retaining walls, while you can even opt for a wood retaining wall. Retaining walls are commonly designed for various purposes including and are constructed with reinforced concrete block or cast concrete or Shotcrete for the desired results. While the most practical use of retaining walls is on the hillside given the limited construction space on such properties, retaining walls can provide a greater flat-surface area for practical use such as for gardens or pools. Some of the materials used in erecting a retaining wall are:

  • Wall stones
  • Natural stones
  • Bricks
  • Concrete block
  • Treated timbers

While a concrete block retaining wall is constructed by using hollow core Concrete Units reinforced with steel and then filled with concrete. Then we have Poured-in-Place Retaining Wall which are the type of retaining wall that are built according to the dimensions specified in the construction plan and are then properly reinforced with steel and filled with concrete. While on the other hand is a Shotcrete retaining wall that could be poured either plain smooth or with a desirable design that fits the surrounding area.

Retaining Wall Contractor In Los Angeles

Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co takes pride in designing and building the retaining walls in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. A sturdy, strong, durable and attractive retaining wall can upgrade the overall appearance of the area and increase the usable outdoor living space which directly increases the property value. Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co has years of experience working on residential and commercial building foundations, hardscaping and landscaping, shoring and hillside construction and more , thus making us experts when it comes to wall retaining services. There are few kinds of retaining walls that we help build. They are:

  1. Gravity retaining walls- with the most basic design and construction, these walls work on mass and weight to manage the soil in a place. They work with a wide variety of materials and finishes.
  2. Cantilevered retaining walls- with the least material, these walls are thin and extend from the backfill to the soil forward below.
  3. Anchored retaining walls- works with any material and uses cables and strings to secure the wall in the earth.

Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co are the best contractors in Los Angeles for anything related to retention walls which are used in every type of construction, residential, commercial and even heavy highway construction. This not only solves the problem of soil sliding down the hillside but also helps in preventing any kind of damage to the homeowners in general due to the same reasons.

Professional Los Angeles Retaining Wall Construction

In Los Angeles, there are certain aspects that are crucial when it comes to retaining walls, especially the terrain and the weather here. With years of expertise and knowledge we treat each step with importance in order to design and build retaining walls which will last you a lifetime and be durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. We acquire the abilities to construct any kind of wall construction and that includes:

  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Gravity
  • Cantilever
  • Buttressed
  • Counterfort

Retaining walls are of utmost importance. If done by professionals in an orderly manner they not only bring the backyard to life but also change the patterns of soil erosion in that particular area. While heavy rains have a tendency to trigger landslides, if the soil is secured in a place with the help of retaining walls it can terminate that possibility. Another benefit of having a retaining wall done by a professional is to create more flatland and usable land while your property is near or on a steep area. We understand that people in LA need concrete contractors to achieve the best work for their homes or for their commercial space. It’s a job of responsibility and the stronger the foundation and framing of a house and building the better is the final outcome.

Ensuring Your Retaining Walls Are Up To Code

We at Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co specialise not only in the design and construction of quality retaining walls which are sturdy and durable in Los Angeles and the area around, but also make sure that they are in compliance with hillside codes and are complementing your property. As mandated by the law, one could be held responsible and liable if you have a hillside property and do not abide by the proper management of soil which may cause any damage to the property. The last thing you would want to do is be fined by the city inspector for violating the code of retaining the soil, hence professionals like ourselves help you restrict and retain soil with precision to last you a lifetime and keep your property and family safe at all times. We have built a reputation of trust and quality through the commitment and our hard work and we continue to maintain that trust and faith with every project we undertake.

We at Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co. are also offering Services – Drilling, Excavation/Grading, Shoring, Framing & Foundation Repair in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas.


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