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Every house needs a strong, sturdy foundation to stand on. We at Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co focus on providing a well laid foundation for new homes while also repairing the old worn out foundations. We ensure that the base and the framework of the house is durable enough to withstand any seismic movement of the earth. As experts in concrete foundations we are well equipped to manage foundations in the most difficult of terrains. We as trained professionals make sure that the foundation to your homes and offices are strong for many years to come. We provide competitive prices in order to accommodate the most difficult of your arrangements. We happily work with your choice of design or ideas if you have any specifications otherwise we use our years of expertise to come up with our own that would work great for you, and we get down to creating something spectacular and inspiring for you and your family.

Most people think about the structural firmness of the foundation of a building, however a stable and sturdy foundation increases the strength and value of a home or building as well as keeps it safe from any kind of corrosion. At Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co , we cater to all your requirements of foundation repair to installation, creating the base of your commercial buildings to be strong and secure in all regards. We are a team of experienced professionals who are ready to solve any structural or foundation issue that your commercial building or your residence may need attention to, as well as we install new foundations that will remain secure and sturdy for years.

Experienced Foundation Repair Company Serving Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co is experienced and specialised in foundation repair and replacement. We are licensed as well as insured contractors in Los Angeles and serving all surrounding counties like Brentwood, woodland hills, beverly hills, culver city and more . We are happy to address all your foundation concerns and thereby provide you with a detailed estimate and the proper City Permits for your project. Of the variety of problems that house owners familiarize with is the failing of foundations; such as reappearing of the cracks in the walls and the doors. Sometimes you may even notice minor cracks in the foundation appear as a result of high wind loads on the roof or even a moderate earthquake. For such issues where the foundation needs a repair or replacement, we ensure complete safety while shoring your home and replace any old, damaged or missing portions of your foundation with a new foundation built up to current building codes and standards.

When you require a repair for your commercial space our team of experts come out and take a look at your foundation and make the necessary repairs and improvements.we just don’t let the very foundation of your commercial building space deteriorate simply because of a lack of complete care and quality maintenance. For our experienced workers no foundation job is too big or too small to handle, and we make sure to stick to your stipulated time frame and determined budget. At Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co it’s our goal to ensure your business has a solid foundation that will last, so you can continue to do what you do best without any hassle and troubles.

House Foundation Services in Los Angeles, CA

At Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co, you are assured of receiving the highest quality services, with years of built-in experience and a dedication to professionalism and timeliness of residential construction projects. We take pride in our goal to work directly with our customers to ensure their needs are being met and our priorities of taking charge of your residential projects. It is the end result and the happiness that it brings our clients that gets us a deep sense of satisfaction which is why we like involving you in every aspect of the construction or renovation process.

A solid foundation means a sturdy and strong structure. As concrete contractors, we know how to level and prepare your property for major construction along with the ability to repair a damaged foundation which can be further evaluated and upgraded to an existing one. At Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co, we do projects for foundation construction for residential properties and commercial buildings. We have extensive experience in the industry, hence we understand the knowledge and experience needed for different types of foundation work which includes the following:

  • foundation construction
  • foundation repair
  • basement foundations
  • foundation replacement
  • Caissons
  • Drainage

Our foundations are built to be strong, durable, sturdy and sustainable for years to come. The safety of your family and workers is of paramount importance, thus we follow the building code criteria strictly and a foundation inspection for perfect compliance. We have built a reputation of trust and quality through the commitment and our hard work and we continue to maintain that trust and faith with every project we undertake.

We at Los Angeles Concrete & Framing Co. are also offering Services – Drilling, Excavation/Grading, Retaining Walls, Shoring & Framing in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas.

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